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Vintage Machines. American Made!!!.

We have searched all over the USA to get the right vintage sewing machines to make our jeans. We "only" use vintage Singers and Union Special sewing machines. These machines are a great compliment to the vintage techniques we use to make our denim....and still looking!!!

Indigo. It's that good.

Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. Many Asian countries, such as India, China, Japan and South East Asian nations have used indigo as a dye (particularly silk dye) for centuries. The dye was also known to ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Britain, Mesoamerica, Peru, Iran, and Africa.

Vintage Technique. How Jeans should be made!.

Yes that is right!. We use vintage techniques to make our denim. Since we have the vintage machines we did not just stop there. We hand cut each jean one at a time. We hand set all the rivets and hand sew all the labels and tailor the jeans just for you by hand one at a time..That is why no two jeans are the same and why it takes a little longer for our jeans to get made.

Fabric. We only buy the best.

The primary use for indigo is as a dye for cotton yarn, which is mainly for the production of denim cloth for blue jeans. On average, a pair of blue jean trousers requires 3–12 g of indigo.

CFDCo Jean

The Final Product. CFDCo. Selvage Denim.

It is a lengthy process to get our selvage denim, but it is well worth it. We even take the process further by using vintage methods to make one of the most beautiful jeans you will ever own. This is why our jeans will last a lifetime. Just as great care is given to make the fabric, we use the same care to make your jeans.