USA Duck Canvas
18oz Duck Canvas #701 Utility Bag
Mike made these little bags a while back to put our loose items in around the shop. We use them to put machine parts, buttons and sewing notions in. We had a couple of customers that have seen these things in our shop and asked if they can have one..Well... Mike likes giving things away and is always complaining that we keep loosing the bags or throwing them away..HAAAAA. If he stoped given them away ....well you get the picture... HAAAAAA...
Since Mike makes these things on a weekly basis, I figured we will start selling them to our currnet customers..To help make up for all the lost bags he says we keep throwing away....HAAAAAA.

This bag is made of 18oz Duck Canvas. It has a solid YKK brass zipper and with a Texas Leather zipper pull. We finished this with our heavy Texas leather patch,,which is hand stamped. The bag size is....7 1/2"H x 11 1/2"W .
One Size
USA 18oz Duck Canvas
Texas leather and YKK brass zipper
1-2 weeks

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